About Us

Founded in 1998. Noir Sur Blanc is an premium Indonesian Fashion Label, specialised in the manufacturing of Versatile 100% Cotton Knitwears.

The name "Noir Sur Blanc", which means Black and White in layman's term, is inspired by Minimalistic European Fashion. We aim to provide customer value and produce hand knitted quality knitwear at reasonable prices rather than just selling our customers a marketing strategy which only produces a perceived difference. 

We design styles that are for everyone to express themselves creating modern and classic expression. For each design we create, we sustain absolute precision and place lots of effort from paper and pen to production to ensure each product is perfect for our customers. A single product takes an average of two days to produce (Yarn to Packaging) and made of 100% quality combed cotton yarn. Most of our designs are casual fitting and has a soft touch making it very comfortable and also efficient in keep warm.

From a small trading company to an established factory and brand with over 30 stores in Indonesia.